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Changerments le 23 janvier S2/Nouveau Raid

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  • Changerments le 23 janvier S2/Nouveau Raid

    • The new Titanforging cap will be 425.
    • Darkshore Warfront rewards will be increased, but only after the Warfront has flipped for the next time.
    • World Quest Emissaries will now scale to 385
    • Heroic and Mythic Dungeons difficulty increased by 30% and all difficulties' rewards will be increased by 30 item levels.
    • Season 2 Mythic+ Chest will award maximum 410 gear, but only on the week of the 29th.
    • PvP Rewards increased by 30 item levels
    • Titan Residuum for 400 and 415 item level values revealed
    • Artifact Knowledge will resume on January 22nd
    Cyrax - DK Blood GM ADS