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Des nouveautés importantes dans le prochain gros patch

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  • Des nouveautés importantes dans le prochain gros patch

    Pas mal de nouveautés qui arrivent, comme ils l'avaient annoncés, ils comptent ajouter du contenu conséquent, même entre les extensions.
    • "You have a timer to finish a Rift (kill enough monsters to draw out the boss and slay the boss) and the better you do, the more challenging the level that you get to tackle. For example, if you finished a Tiered Rift in just a few minutes, you’d get to jump ahead to a much harder rift. "
    • Seasons (Ladders) and Tiered Rifts will be the major features of the 2.1 patch
    • Seasons will have Leaderboards and Legendary items that drop only within the Seasons games
    • When a Season ends everything transfers to your normal roster of characters
    • Tiered Rifts will let you unlocked further Rifts as you beat one, which become progressively harder
    • There are Leaderboards for Tiered Rifts as well as vanity rewards
    • The PlayStation 4 version of the game will launch with everything up to patch 2.0.4
    • Most of the Diablo 3 development team is still on board with Reaper of Souls
    ​En résumé : Des failles chrnometrés avec des rewards et des classements, des saisons qui commencent avec un nouveau perso, mais les rewards sont transferés sur le compte a la fin.

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